So i think i was kinda scammed on ebay yesterday, and i was wondering if any of you have ever experienced something similar . . .

I was watching these Genetic Denim jeans but I realized I was gonna be at work when the bidding ended . . . i decided to throw down $60 as my max bid and just leave the rest to fate.
When i got done with work i had a few ebay messages in my mailbox . . The first one was that i had been outbid (the jeans were now selling for $61), the second email was that there had been an "ebay bid change" and i was once again the high bidder, and the third email was that i had won the jeans for my max price of $60. This struck me as fishy.

Upon further investigation i discovered that there had been 11 bids on the jeans while i was at work, all by the same buyer, after my initial bid before I left for work. The bidder consistently raised their bid by $2-4 every ten seconds until they had just barely outbid me. . . then they retracted their last bid stating "entered wrong amount" WTF
This bidder has also retracted bids 8 other times in the last 30 days. . . Detective Molly at work. I did a little ebay research and found out that what this bidder was doing is called "shilling." I sent an email to ebay stating what happened so we'll see how things turn out.