After going to see "The Crazies" (staring my man Timothy Olyphant) Eric and I headed over to the whales tails sculpture "Reverence" (by artist Jim Sardonis) to take a few pictures, and soak up the mild weather. . . and, in my case, get soaked.
Wearing Rackk and Ruin Diablo Spiked Headband, vintage Levis vest and hoodie, Mossimo leather jacket, Gap jeans and Dr Martens and cast hawks foot. . . .

The leather bag was a DIY i finished a little while ago . . . The bag was originally a dirty grey color(with some gnarly stains), so i dyed it black with leather dye and added the conical spikes to the underside. It's quickly turned into my favorite bag.

I think i dislocated my shoulders attempting this maneuver. not graceful.

definitely fell on my ass here.
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