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Side braided street stunner Giorgia was shot by both Garance Dore and All the Pretty Birds. . .

I think the thing i miss most about my long hair is having a messy braid slung over my shoulder. . . Even though my short hair is technically "easy" to manage it's just not as much fun to play with as long hair. I'm still in the process of growing it out (so i can finally have that bleach blond bob i've been swooning over) and so to mix-things-up-without-cutting I decided to go a bit blonder in the meantime. I still had half a kits worth of my favorite home highlighting kit: L'Oreals's Hi-Light Styliste (the best stuff fo realz). It's not a crazy shade of blonde but it's brighter and will hopefully hold me over for the next few painful months of growth . . . has anyone ever tried pre-natal vitamins for fast hair growth??