After a lot of procrastination I finally moved into my new studio space. For the past year I had been working/making jewelry out of a spare room in my house . . . but after realizing that it would be a lot healthier/more exciting to


my house and


somewhere to work on my jewelry, I bit the bullet.

The space is part of a studio art collective a couple miles away from where I live. . . My studio is surrounded by other artist collective spaces, a coffee shop, a natural grocery, a bread company that gives HUGE samples, and a great thrift store . . . not to mention it's only a short walk from where I go to yoga. This spot is also sweet because it's only about 1/4 mile away from my dad's metal shop (where I have unlimited access to every tool imaginable) . . . and at $90 a month the rent is pretty hard to beat.

I'll take some photos of the new space soon . . . the images below are of my office after removing all traces of jewelry making . . .

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