I've recently started doing yoga.

I'd gotten tired of hearing "yoga changed my life" stories so i thought i should probably check out what all the fuss was about (it also helped that the place where i work hooked up a trade for us to get $5 yoga classes at a place in town).
It's pretty crazy that you can work up a sweat, and be seriously sore the next day, from solely using your own body's weight and muscle strength (while staying within a 24"x68" space). I've only been going a couple times a week, for the past three weeks, but I think i've really discovered something i could get into . . .

**I definitely enjoy the classes where the teachers speak sparingly and only use the silly yoga names aka "downward dog" (not their technical ones) . . . skipping the OMMMMMMS and any mention of Namaste is best for me.

anyway, this photography by Joshua Longbrade reminded me of a yoga pose.
Photo by Joshua Longbrake
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