So last week my iPhone was stolen. . . and since i hadn't bought the Mobilme application there is nothing that AT&T or Apple can do for me. I signed up for AT&T only a couple months ago just so I could have the iPhone so this is especially shitty. Now that i've officially come to grips with the fact that there are assholes out there i've decided that I need to start scrounging up enough money to buy myself another (yup, I need it. lame, i know). And since i'm not signing a contract the iPhone is freakin expensive. Which means I need to start selling off my assets like the balloon boy's parents!

So. . . does anyone have any advice on how to sell a vintage designer piece online and get the most money for it? I have this stunning, pristine condition, velvet Emilio Pucci jacket that I want to sell. . . I know pieces like it are listed online for a pretty penny but i'm not sure if it's better for me to go the Ebay route or the Etsy one. . . hmmmm.

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