So my sister Alden is a creative genius. . . i knew this. . . but when she sent me photos of her Halloween costume I was, as always, blown away by her talents.

Here is her description of her DIY costume:
Lace up boots: vintage. Mom's!
Arrows: dowels dyed with watercolor and fletched with halved chicken and wild turkey feathers
Quiver: made from the upper leather of an old pair of boots
Dress: Hideous long sleeved turtleneck dress, split the collar and added felt and leather. Shortened the length and took it in. Added felt to the trim.
Bow: Used a stick from the park and black hemp rope.
Hat: Vintage fedora with a pheasant feather
Cuff: remaining leather from the old boot uppers used on the quiver for arrows.
Satchel: Vintage

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