My very first attempt at blogging was back in the winter of 2007 when Eric and I went for a two month road trip around the country. . . We lived out of our truck, with our dog of course, experiencing nights that were 20 below in South Dakota and days that were 80 degrees in Florida. . . The blog was a way for us to share our adventures with our friends and family back home, and as a way to keep a diary of sorts. I took the photos and Eric humorously, of course, narrated them. Needless to say, the blog was a big hit. well, maybe not. . . but it's still great fun to check in on it from time to time. . .

Eric peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon
Oh man . . . Ludlow, California. What a hole. Sorry if any of you are from there but dude, this is the town's postcard!! Look at what they are highlighting!! We ate at that coffee shop too and the waitress was a biatch.
Most awesome shop in Austen. . . i could have died and gone to heaven right then and there.
Eric's aunt and uncle happen to own a gun shop (aptly named Self Defense Inc.) and shooting range in West Palm Florida. . . I was a damn good shot.
Oh man. . . one of my biggest regrets is not buying this amazing limo. Just look at those horns!
Sooo cold in Arches National Park. . . Breakfast a la Bunsen

The beauty that is the West Coast.
Santa Cruz, California
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