I've recently picked up a few "new" pairs of leather boots at some of my favorite thrift stores. . . Cause who doesn't need a million pairs of boots!

These first beauties were $2 at my favorite spot "The Possibility Shop"
Black suede with a side zip and like a 4" wedge! I've been called a Spice Girl in them but that hasn't deterred me from wearing 'em.
These "granny" type boots were marked a size 7 but i tried them on my size 8-8.5 feet and they fit! They inspired me to start making a series of leather tassel boot insert things that will be up for sale soon. . . a great addition to your Dr. Martens or shit kickers.
These insane Ziggy Stardust-esque lightening bolt boots are my favorite find of the month. . . They look like a cross between bowling shoes, stripper boots and some sort of Western inspired motif. . . all for $8 (they just needed some laces and shoe polish lovin)

I was obviously super psyched when i found these old lace-up Frye boots last week cause my mom had the exact same style when she was my age but she has smaller feet than i do so they went to my older sis (with the perfect size 6.5-7 feet) When i happened upon these in my size i scoffed em up. . . not cause i needed another pair of lace-up leather boots, but because i'd always been sad my mom's old boots hadn't fit me. . . i'm guessing i'll be posting them on "Off the Rackk" soonish. I might use them for my Halloween costume first)

I'm wearing a vintage half-button up White Stag shirt with a vintage skirt
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