New York was f-ing awesome as always. . . The weather was unseasonably cold, but that didn't stop me from having an amazing time.   Even though i'm not sure I could ever live in New York it's pretty much the best place to visit (other than San Francisco of course).  I think I might go a little crazy if I always had to wait in those Trader Joe's lines though! Insanity   But it's almost worth it just for their little soy rice crackers. . . and the three buck chuck.  

Aly's statue of David cooking apron (she whipped up the most amazing chicken pot pie for us friday night)
My favorite purchase: a Zara lamskin vest. . . oh i love you i love you i love you.  Once i got home i immediately added some snaps so the vest can be closed in a little more fitted fashion.
On Saturday night we went to a couple bars in Williamsburg: Larry Lawrence and K&M . . . i didn't think i was gonna be able to stay out till the bars closed (i'm not used to the 4am closing time) but i was wrong. . . a couple of $5 gin and tonics at Larry Lawrence, dancing for hours at K&M and then eating TWO bagels at the Bagel-Smith made the night disappear. . . My friend finagled our second bagels for free. . . go Jodes! 

I thought i'd try out some Viktor Vauthier inspired under-eye-dot makeup for the night's festivities.  
Sarah making friends with our cab service operator. . . 
Elena and Aly getting some fresh air in Larry Lawrence's glass enclosed smoking tank (the top was open to the air of course). . . from the inside of the bar it looked like a fishtank full of people smoking. 
getting ready for Julia's birthday lunch at Sweetie Pie in the West Village. . .
The Halloween inspired window at Ralph Lauren in the West Village
The two images below are from Intermix. . . how have i never heard of this store before??? i literally wanted EVERYTHING.  
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