My sister Alden went to the Sartorialist book signing last night. . . I asked her to take a couple pictures for me (she used her iphone's Polaroid app) Here is her account: 

"After waiting 2 hours in a long line of fashionistas (actually, the men were notably better dressed) Nora and I met a very gracious Scott Schuman at the signing table. We gave him some props, told him he should shoot SF (probably weren't the first but he seemed very receptive) and had our shiny new books sharpied by a style icon.  Many people were asking to have their photos taken with him as he signed for them. He would respond with "sure!" and then go suddenly from smiley to a super serious look for the pic. I thought the transition to his chosen photo face was amusing, and asked if I could take a portrait of which he said yes.  Scott was definitely very comfortable, and lucky for us he wasn’t averse to small talk with his followers.  His seemingly jovial nature clearly helps when it comes to shooting fabulous strangers."
your west coast correspondent

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