Absolutely delicious lunch at Delicatessen in SoHo . . . I found it quite strange that they had a "models only" lounge downstairs though.  
The fantastic Bess NYC . . . i wanted one of everything. I think my favorites were the studded boots (obviously) and the vintage one-ofs . . . luxurious silks and crazy jackets.  I would kill to be a buyer for that place! 
My girl Aly who i stayed with. . . 
While Aly and I were clicking photos of each other a girl came over who had recognized me from my blog!!! It was pretty hilarious because Aly and I kinda just started jumping around, laughing and squealing. . . i'm thinking i probably startled the hell out of her.     

Anyway, this is me and my awesome reader Melissa!! Thanks Melissa, you made me feel like a celebrity!! Which was wayyy better than spotting one anyway.  
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