If The State Slogan Fits. . .

  a much needed vacation was had in maine with my family and boyfriend eric.  Went to visit my grandfather and all the other joys of Maine: Ping pong, taffy, fishing, card-games, boats breaking down, too much wine, lobstah (i ate my first ever whole lobster. . . i used to be strictly a legs girl, no more!) flea markets, blueberries, hair dying . . . 
The weather was insane!! it was in the 80s/90s the whole time and not a cloud in the sky. This made swimming in the sub-zero ocean a whole lot easier (i still had to convince eric on a daily basis that there were no sharks in maine) . . . and now i'm back home with a tan and a ton of mosquito bites.
my sister Alden made us all Sushi the first night (using some crab meat from crabs she had caught that day!) nectarine, avocado, carrots and my boyfriends' farm's scallions and cucumber. too bad red-tide kept us from eating the millions of mussels that are our neighbors.
   it was f-ing fabulous.
Happy boat goers Before the boat broke down (it just so happens i have a deep seeded fear of transportation devices breaking down/running out of gas) 

We flagged down someone nice enough to tow us back to our dock with his dingy. . . slow going
Beautiful Alden with my dog Pitch. Can a girl look more relaxed?
Eric with his "Fruity Treets" cereal. . . i swear these companies are forcing our youth to become illiterate.  Treets???? c'mon now. 
my mom trusting me with scissors. 

every time she's nervous. every time she likes how it turns out. 
My Grandfather divvying up the lobstahs
Bridge-master Dwayne helping Alden with her shiny new hook.
Favorite Maine quote ever was said by Dwayne (twin brother of Dwight, also a bridge-master. . . both have been at it for almost 50 years!!)  :

"C'mon ya stupid fish, bite the shiny hook!"      said in the thickest Maine accent you'll ever hear.
Fishing with no luck. . . and i went blonder. . . 
a lil video of my parents' amazing dog Josie who taught herself how to use the boat ladder to climb out onto the dock!!   Genius. I swear.

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