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Holy Huge Post. . . i know. . . 

But: it hasn't felt like summer in my neck of the woods for a while now and these pictures are just making me ache for warm summer days. . . 

When i came across a link for the FULL David Mushegain photoshoots (06 and 07) with Erin Wasson i just had to go a little crazy with the posting. 

I'm thinking, correct me if i'm wrong, that the shoots took place at/near Erin's Cali home. . . and it looks as if she styled herself with her own clothes for the shoot.  That is a total guess but i wouldn't be surprised. 

If you would believe it i actually limited myself to only posting my favorite images from the shoots i've seen before and the ones i've never posted already.  To see all the images you can check them out HERE