Maybe one day Veruca will give me her golden goose. until then......

I picked up these vintage Frye boots at a great little thrift store last week for $10. . . i have never owned cowboy boots and the height of these wasn't working for me. . . (they were also even lighter than the "before" shot so i had initially done a re-polish with black shoe polish). 

. . .So last night i did a little project.  

After about 4 hours i had my very own version of the Golden Goose boots i've been lusting after. . . 

The Process:
-I cut the top part of the boots off, making sure to keep the curvature i was looking for.  

-I removed the pull loops with the pronged Frye insignia on it for re-attachment later. 

-After cutting down the inside seems of both boots i sewed zippers into them (using zippers from two pairs of old Levis i was getting rid of). The two layers of leather were able to be separated so the zippers are sewn in between them for a clean look.

-After re-attaching the pull-loops on the outsides of the boots I added some homemade leather tabs to the zipper pulls and used a stud to fasten them. 

-The final step was re-polishing them as dark as possible (with black shoe polish). . . i polished the top part of the inside as well so it doesn't stand out as much.  

I can't decide if i want to rivet the top part a la THESE Fryes . . . or just leave them as is. 

all in all, i'm pretty psyched with the outcome. . . and for $10 no less. . .