Dam Style

I know i've posted the photo below before. . . but i was going through the DamStyle archives and i came across it again.  It's just so full of energy and their style goes together perfectly .
It was a combination of this woman's stare and her shorts that inspired me to post the image below. . . 
You might think that a fully sequined vest and pants would be overkill. . . but when the person rocking them looks like this. . . it just works.  Her tattoos and haircut are the perfect accessories.  I would ditch the stark white shoes though
All the individual elements of the woman's look below are a little too "in style" right now. . . The hair, the "boyfriend jeans,"  leopard print, peep toe boots, Balenciaga bag, black moto jacket. . . But she put them all together so well that it actually works.  And the tall cuff on the jeans is a nice alternative to the messy ankle roll we've been seeing so much of.