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Speaking Volumes

   I am like the most excited person everrrrrrr.  This past weekend i went to a flea market, met Nakki Goranin, the woman who wrote "American Photobooth" and learned that Burlington, Vermont has it's very old legit vintage photobooth. . .

. . and it's within walking/biking distance. . . and it lives in a way cool vintage book/record shop right next to the lake.

I don't think I could have been any more excited to try the thing out. . . 

So yesterday Kristen and I biked over and had some fun.  for a measly $10 we got SIX strips (the exposure was off on first few so we got to keep taking photos till it was right.   

basically i'm going to be spending all of my milk money on photo strips from now on. 

The owner of Speaking Volumes was out to lunch when we got there so we took a spin on the wicker bike that was parked out front. . . we got a bit barked at when he returned because the bike wasn't "finished" yet. whooops. 

steel toed pumps

Pitchfork Farm 2009