SoHo Treasures

On my last day my sister and i hit up SoHo in search of Ted Muehling (first three images only) on Crosby.  I had been told to check it out by a friend of mine and i'm sooo glad i did.  Even though they didn't allow pictures i took a bunch of notes and was completely inspired.  

Right across the street (1 Crosby St.) was another complete gem: De Vera

This store/museum blew my mind. . . when i told them i was a blogger they graciously allowed me to take some photos and i'm sooo glad i did. I could have spent hours in this place.

The owner, Frederico de Vera, travels around the world buying amazing antique pieces to re-sell at his San Francisco and New York locations.
  He also has a line of his own jewelry that had my fingers aching.  

Seriously, go check this place out.  

The last photo is Prada of course. had to sneak a photo there.