Modepass Contest!!

Modepass is an up and coming french and international fashion social network that works with new fashion designers and bloggers and it's putting on a contest for blog readers. . . 

If you join Modepass (totally freee) on my, Rackk and Ruin's, behalf you are entered into a drawing to win $100. . . to spend on whatever you want!  

All you have to do is join Modepass, go to "My Account," then go to "Edit my Profile," (located on the lefthand side) and then in the "Who I Am" section go the the "Addicted To" part and write in "Rackk and Ruin."     It sounds way more complicated than it is.  But you are all smart, internet savvy readers and i know you are more than capable.    

Modepass is a great site to be part of because it always has tons of great photos and videos.