The Tricks of the Trade. . . .Ebay Style.

So after having my mom ask me for Ebay bidding advice (i told her to forget it. . . i was just gonna do the bidding for her!!)  i decided to do a lil' post on how to get that killer item. . .  (I am obviously not a professional but these tricks have worked for me)

1.  always "watch" the item when you first discover it.  . . NEVER bid right off the bat. 

2. know when and where you will be exactly when the bidding ends. . . try to be at a computer, or blackberry or any of that internet type technology.

3.  Decide what the item is worth to you. . . exactly how much money do you really have to drop on something that might not even fit you?? Or might fit you like a glove! ! 

4.  Once you decide how much is the maximum amount you would want to spend wait wait wait that shit outttt.  This is the most important tip.  YOU MUST NOT BID EARLY.  The only exception for this rule is if you are definitely not going to be near a computer when the bidding is up.  In which case i'd say just plop that max bid in there and see what happens.  If it's meant to be you'll get it.

5.  When the bidding is almost up (like 15-30 seconds left folks) then, and only then, should you bid. . . and bid your maximum bid right then.  Put in the most you would be ok with spending on the item when there is barely enough time for the other bidders to realize what has hit them.  Usually they will be too busy scrambling to figure out what it would take to outbid you for them to do it in time.  And VOILA.  you have hopefully won your item for less than you had dared to spend. If you are outbid with your one big bid than it really wasn't meant to be. . . but in most cases, unless it's the most coveted item on ebay. . . aka. those Sam Edelman Balenciaga knock-offs. . . your max bid will hopefully do it.  

Some important things to remember:   
A: if it's leather make sure to ask the seller at least a day ahead of time if the item is coming from a "smoke-free" home. . . sometimes vintage items have a bit of residual stank. . . but that is nothing compared to the fresh stank of a smoker's home.  
B: the measurements listed aren't just for kicks. . . use your measuring tape and compare the ebay item to a similar item of your own . . . make sure the fit seems right.   
C: if you are bidding on  boots always bid on those a bit larger than smaller. . . you can always shove a liner into boots that are a bit too roomy. . . but there is really nothing to be done about ones a tad too small. . . other than limp around in them hoping you look fly.  

happy bidding!!
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