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Gala, you are at the top of my streetstyle post because you have completely killed it. . . blown all the others out of the water.  I think i'm mostly obsessed with the look from the knees down, and not just cause she is wearing A.Wang fringe boots. . . the slouchy zippered trousers just look so fantastic. 
Even though i avoid posting pictures of anyone wearing across the forhead headbands i had to post this pic. . . dyed grey hair? those sunglasses? male or female? neck collar, and that jacket. . . this look is rad. . . i'm gonna guess this is a male. . . i see a faint 5'oclock shadow.
obvi alt.. . . no one, other than freja, looks this good in skinnies.

who is this woman? i see her, and love her, everywhere.  
On the Way to Y-3
this is a very taylor tomasi look. love the pattern mixing
Gloria Baum, Teen Vogue, Paris

I absolutely LOVE this woman's look. I wouldn't change a damn thing. not a thing!
this Wang sweater is everywhere but i love it paired with those sheer, dark seam'd tights. 
wouldn't change a damn thing about this woman's look either.  not a damn thing. i want that jacket. now. 

garance dore
she makes me want to pull out my non-existent flat iron and go to town!

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