Disce Mordi

New Zealand native Julia deVille just might be my new favorite person (other than my sister. . . Happy Birthday Alden!!!).  After being fascinated by life and death her whole life, in 2002 she befriended a taxidermist and learned the art of preserving animals.  From there she obtained an advanced diploma in gold and silversmithing and went on to create her label Disce Mori which combines her taxidermy skills with her love for leather and fine jewelry. . . . i covet every piece she has created. 

now get this. . . Julia has donated her body to Germany's renowned Institute for Plastination to prove her dedication to her art form!!! When she dies her body will be dissected and then filled with a polymer to preserve it for exhibition!!! f-ing hardcore!!! (check out bodyworlds.com

My sociology class on death and dying was probably my favorite class i ever took.  My friends thought i was a bit morbid for signing up for it but i've always been fascinated by the way different cultures deal with death and dying. . . our culture doesn't deal with it.  we have created a whole vocabulary in order to avoid using those words. . . we say "passed on" and "not with us anymore"   If i didn't like making things so much i'd probably love to study death and dying further.

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