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Urban Revisions

Arlie, of UrbanRevisions, and i did a trade recently (Rackkandruin Necklace for amazing shredded long sleeve t. . .i'll be posting a photo of it when the weather warms up for sure). . .

 when i got the package in the mail today my boyfriend took one look at it and goes "oh cool, kinda like Raquel Allegra right?"   hmmm, now how does he know things like that?? is my incessant blogging rubbing off on him? i guess it's the same reason why i know that LeBron James has a 7' wing span.  just another reason why i love him so much. . . (once he saw me mentioning him in this post he admitted that he had just heard Allegra mentioned on NPR with Alex Cohen. . . i should have known. . . )

here are some of Arlie's beautiful (and very reasonably priced) pieces available through her Etsy Store:  

Shredded T-Shirt Sheer Blue Size S/MShredded Circle Scarf Baby Blue Dyed One Size Shredded T-Shirt V-Neck All Sizes

Lagerfeld Confidential

i know i know i know