shit kickersss

These are a couple pairs of my boyfriends boots (we found the first pair on the side of the road and i found the second for $4 at my fav. church thrift. . . and they fit him! The tag on the inside reads "tanker boots" loves it.)
These three pairs are mine. . . first pair found second hand and self studded. . . second is a used pair of docs, good ol' standbys, and the third are my amazing Aldo Virgie tri-zip boots, minus the top straps.  
i had to add these Frye boots below to the post because they were the sweetest find. . .found them at a secondhand store with tags still attached, in my size at a fraction of the orig. cost (they retail for $298). . . I'm a wimp and am still trying to get used to the heel. . . My goal this summer is to learn to walk with a heel. 

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