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just a few examples of why Erica Weiner rules

just a few examples of why Erica Weiner rules

My friend Jodi first introduced me to Erica Weiner's jewelry about a year ago; she had just gotten the bird and whistle necklace from a local boutique (actually, it was Tribecca, the same one that is selling my necklaces right now) and was psyched.  After devouring Weiner's




 (definitely worth checking out for jewelry updates and creative little postings) I decided upon a few items I will be adding to my wish-list. . . 

Waldorf Astoria cocktail pick necklace 

Herkimer diamond solitaire ring

wood link necklace

antique dental partials made into lapel pins (freakin amazing but out of stock until she finds more dental partials. . .cough em up grandpa)

Check out:

Erica's Etsy Page

you look a bit stressed.