Take On Me

alright, so this is my first post featuring moi.  i felt a little strange having my boyfrend take photos of me in our backyard but i guess i could get used to it.  i was inspired to do my first personal style post today for a few reasons:   

      1- twas freakishly warm/sunny out which allowed me to A. rock my leather jacket and B. laugh sadistically at the melting snow
      2-I found the kick ass sheep's fur hat i'm wearing at my favorite church thrift ever today. i swear i almost peed my pants (i had spotted a girl wearing it when i first walked in and was like "damn, she's got the best hat" but then i saw her put it down, and voila-it had a $2 price tag dangling off. . . and it being 1/2 off day i got it for a dollar!
     3-I wanted to show off my most recent Rackkandruin necklace creation. it's still kinda a work in progress.

My DIY studded boots. (these are one of the few things i still like after mostly getting over my stud fixation).

Everything I'm wearing is secondhand so i don't think it's necessary to post details.

eric's photo shoot with the farm delivery van
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