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Tag, you're it.

Le Cheap C'est Chic and 10th Muse both tagged me. . . this is what i've come up with. 
Describe your personal styl
e:  i guess i like to think of myself as having a kind of tough/biker-ish edge to my style. . . but i'm neither tough nor a biker (unless you count my beloved Trek).  I love an adrogyny.  I rarely wear skirts or "pretty" things.  I'm drawn to comfortable clothing that is quite well worn.  anything second hand is better than new in my mind.  leather leather leather. strange textures/materials. black black and more black.
What are the staples in your wardrobe?: My DIY knee patch black jeans. a pair, any pair, of black boots. my old ratty tshirt (originally drk yellow) that i bleached then dyed black but it turned more of a brown purple color.  my wool red plaid suede elbow patched zip up cardigan from goodwill, blue+red canal st. scarf, leather gloves, my glasses.
What is your signature look?: i guess mostly black.  different textures.  unexpected combinations.  boots. 
What inspires you?: old photography, shared music, streetstyle, my friends and family, artists who are out there doing their thing, great blogs. 
Who is your fashion muse?:  hmm. i guess i draw some of my style inspiration from a few people: allison mosshart, erin wasson, daria werbowy, lou doillon, and great street style sites.
Favorite Purchase of all time:  that's a hard one. probably my leather jacket i got off craigslist for $30.  so black, so sleek, so soft, so mine.  
Biggest Splurge: I am the thriftiest person ever. my friends will attest. i do not like spending a lot of money on anything.  My most common phrase is "i got it for $2."  I've probably spent the most money on my boots, but never over $200.  you can always find something better and cheaper at a yard-sale or second-hand store.  
What's your beauty routine?:  My only must is that i moisturize and then put some Clinique bronzing mousse on my face and neck.  it immediately makes me feel better. ha. and i guess i like to curl my lashes and use a bit of black liner sometimes.  and tinted cheek stain.  I'm kind of obsessive about not having squeaky clean hair.  dirty= good. 
What jewelry do you never take off?: i haven't really been wearing much jewelry lately.  i guess i really like the necklaces i've been making so i wear those and hope people like them/want one.  my boyfriend gave me a beautiful gold pocket-watch for christmas that i wear as a necklace. i love it. 
What are your obsessions?: my sister alden, my blog, rackkandruin jewelry, less-traffic'd thrift stores, running, ciao bella raspberry-cabernet gelato.
What are you wishing for?:  a life free from anxiety.  an early spring and a long summer. some clarity about my path in life.  

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