the boys the boys

I promise i'll post something besides street style shots today 
i've been wanting to do a post with some of the images i have saved of guys on the street for a while. 
 i love it when a guy can put something together that is flattering and shows he has creativity

i love love love this look. so simple with such clean lines 
I feel like this guy and madonna would get along due to their mutual affection for track pants
amazing japanese street style
he's just plain ol' adorable
this could be a bands promo shot, or a still from some old british movie
that hat!
amazing shot by the Sartorialist
i love this image. and his glasses
this was one of my favorite shots for a long time. both because i could see myself wearing the same thing and because he looks so calm, cool, and collected
i love the monochrome-ness of his look
any boy with a bike is ok by me.

so handsome and classic.
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