Seychelles Sweater

lordy lordy do i like Michael Sanders' photography. i really need to start fabricating some ideas for fashion shoots i can do once the snow/ice/slush combo melts and things get happy and warm again.

I love the comfortable sweaters with the constrictive corset combos in these pictures. and the roots in the first picture are making me knees weak.  i wish i had darker hair so my roots could glare at people. 

i will mos def be posting more of his work in the weeks to come
(click to experience the big beautiful images in all their glory)

that hair!! i die~! it's definitely got some salt water in it

Michael Sanders' editorial reminded me of a post The Foxy Man did on her search for the perfect medicinal corset.  i loved the look she created with the creepers and the studded black bodice.
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